The Subdivision and Surrounding Area

The Lake Don Pedro Subdivision encompasses over 12,000 acres of rolling foothills in the heart of the California Mother lode. It is nestled between two premier recreational lakes with 160 and 80 miles of shoreline, respectively and is situated in both Tuolumne and Mariposa counties. The charm and tradition of a colorful past combined with the scenic beauty of the Sierras provide a myriad of recreational activities. Gold was first found in the area in 1848. Within the ensuing years thousands of gold seekers converged on the area and several new communities evolved. For the history buff there are restored historical and ghost towns to explore, old steam trains to ride through the foothills, stage coach rides, and gold panning along historic streams. There are also several museums, antique shops and historic displays of the railroad and of the early west.

The subdivision ranges from 900 to 1,674 feet above sea level. Fall and winter rainfall averages are between 18 and 20 inches. Springtime is “spectacular” with rolling hills of lush native grasses, newly leaved blue oaks and flowing brooks and streams. The wild flower crop takes one’s breath away with beautiful riots of color everywhere the eye can see. The climate is very conducive to flower and vegetable gardening, growing grapes, fruits and nuts.

Whether you are a sportsman, outdoor enthusiast or just enjoy nature and country living Lake Don Pedro offers a wide variety opportunities right in your own backyard. Saddle up your horse and enjoy over 100 miles of equestrian and hiking trails located throughout the subdivision. 19 natural parks some with ponds offer outdoor enthusiasts plenty of room and no crowds.

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The Association

Mission Statement

The specific and primary purposes are: To unite property owners in Lake Don Pedro Subdivision, a subdivision located in Mariposa and Tuolumne Counties, California; to encourage civic improvements in said subdivision and vicinity; to promote community activities and interests in said subdivision; to cooperate with other organizations having similar objectives; and to improve and maintain common areas and community facilities within said subdivision.


The Articles of Incorporation and the By-Laws of the Lake Don Pedro Owner’s Association were adopted on August 15, 1968. According to the By-laws, “Membership shall be appurtenant to lots in the Subdivision and all persons who become owners thereof shall, by reason of such ownership, become and hereby are made owners of the Association.”

When the developer, Boise Cascade Properties Inc., was ready to convey and sell the Subdivision lots, they ‘subjected them and imposed upon them mutual and beneficial covenants, conditions, and restrictions under a general plan or scheme of improvement for the benefit of all of said lots and future owners of said lots.” CC&R’s were executed for all of the following areas of the Lake Don Pedro Subdivision in both Tuolumne and Mariposa Counties:

Unit T-1 (Lots 1-154) on 9/30/68 Unit M-1 (Lots 1-455) on 7/18/69
Unit T-2 (Lots 155-765) on 9/30/69 Unit M-2 (Lots 456-952) on 9/15/69
Unit T-3 (Lots 766-1382) on 9/18/68 Unit M-3 (Lots953-1809) on 12/16/69

At the present time about 60% of the subdivision is developed with lots ranging from 1 acre to 20+ acres. The Association has a Board of Directors with seven members who have staggered terms. The Board is supported by the Architectural Control and Compliance Committee (ACC), Public Relations (events) Committee, Parks & Trails Committee, and works with the local riding & hiking organization The Lake Don Pedro Trailblazers to maintain and improve the Pedestrian / Equestrian Trails. . The office and maintenance staff operates under the direction of the Board of Directors.