Parks & Trails

The Lake Don Pedro subdivision includes 18 natural preserve and park areas as well as nearly 90 miles of equestrian and pedestrian trails. Most of the preserve areas are in their natural state but a few have been improved with graveled parking areas or minor improvements.

El Prado Park, located on El Prado Road near Don Pedro High School, has been improved to include a children’s play area and picnic area. Adjacent to this park is the Horse Camp which provides parking for horse trailers as well as a picnic area. Riders and hikers can head out from this park on to the trails in the area.

Gregoris Park, located on Ranchito Drive features a picnic area setting next to a year round pond.

Alfier Park, located on Alamo Drive near Paraiso Blvd, features a picnic area near a pond as well as a large parking area. This provides parking for equestrians who want to haul in and ride the trails in that part of the subdivision.

Hugh Martin Park, located on Lozano Street also provides a picnic area and a parking area for hikers and equestrians who want to head out into the attached preserve area and trails.

The trails in the subdivision are actually approved county easements for pedestrian and equestrian use. Some of the more frequented trails are marked by paddles set in the center of the 30’ wide easement and about 100 feet apart along the trail.

Note: The trail easements are located along lots in the subdivision so in using them everyone must stay within the easement’s 30’ width and not stray onto private property for your hike or ride.

Most of the trails are left in their natural state. Riders and hikers use the trail easements at their own risk. Helpful maps of the trails can be purchased for a nominal fee at the association office located in the Hacienda. For more information regarding the trails, check out the Lake Don Pedro Trailblazer website